VIDEO | My role as a Mentor

It is a challenge to start your own business, for sure if you run your business all alone. 

Geraldine knows exactly how it feels and that's the reason why she became a mentor: she loves to share from her own know-how, knowledge and experience and therefore she is mentoring female entrepreneurs.

Her mission is to inspire and motivate the mentee. To empower her to believe in herself & her own potential, to see opportunities, to dare to be online visible, to show up and - if possible - to mean a shortcut to save time and energy.

The reason why I would recommend this project of Sterke Onderneemsters? Check it out in the video (in Dutch).

There was a great synergy with my mentee, Andrea Ramos, thankful to be her mentor.

This Mentoring project is an initiative of Markant.

Wanna know more about this Mentoring project in Brussels? Check out the website of Markant:

VIDEO | My role as a Mentor

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