BLOG | What does it mean, a Power Lady?

It’s my mission to make a difference in the world by empowering fempreneurs to believe in themselves. Why? Because for me, it was a whole journey to become who I am today. From a timid girl to a woman with her own business, daring to speak up openly about my ups and downs.

Sometimes, people call me a ‘super power lady’
I always try to appreciate every comment I receive, and yet I don’t always feel like super woman!

This got me thinking. Why do people see you differently from how you feel? What makes people think I’m a super power lady?
I think it is because I show perseverance. I have the energy it takes to build something up. Starting a business is different for everyone. But in general, it is about trying, daring to be ambitious, setting goals and doing everything in your power to reach them.

And that’s MINDSET. How you look at situations. How you deal with issues. How you evolve and develop yourself.


A growth mindset gives you the power to handle every situation, however difficult they may sometimes be. And I think this is what others interpret as being ‘a super power lady’.

Behind every ‘super power lady’ there is a process of dedication and a burning ambition to reach goals and make a dream come true.

And you can do that too.

By standing still and asking yourself: why am I doing what I’m doing every day? What drives me further? What do I want to achieve in my life? What is my life mission?

Listen to this spark deep inside of you. And dare to jump.

You have all the potential within you. ❤

With love & light,

BLOG | What does it mean, a Power Lady?

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