BLOG | Use the 5 "W's" as foundation of your event

Answering the 5 "Ws" is incontrovertible before you start to organise an event.

Curious to know what these 5 "Ws" are?

1. Why?

Start with why. What are the objectives of your event? Define them in a SMART way to ensure success.

Your objectives could be:

- to inform, transfer knowledge and information

- to thank, to reward, to stimulate

- to celebrate, to have fun

- to motivate

- to sell, to generate profit

- ...

2. What?

Your objectives influence the type of event: meeting, workshop, symposium, conference, teambuilding activity, seminar, party, trade show, launch of a new product, networking reception, open door, kick-off, incentive travel, awards ceremony...

I don't need to explain that a teambuilding activity requires different content and design than a trade show or conference. Once the type of event has been defined, you can search for a suitable venue.

3. Who?

Who is your target audience? Who will be invited to this event?

If people need to register for the event via a (personal) invitation, then we are talking about private or closed event. For example, a staff party, that only employees and possibly their partners are allowed to attend.

If 'everyone' can register for the event, we are talking about a public or open event. For example, a conference about digital marketing where you buy a ticket via the event website. Young, old, marketing professional or not, everyone can attend.

4. Where?

The venue is determined based on the type of event. Firstly, consider the area/region and then further refine. Several factors determine the choice of venue: capacity (how many meeting rooms are available, what is the maximum capacity...), facilities (accessibility, parking, equipment, catering...). Such venues can include hotels, exhibition halls, castles, congress halls, cinemas, farms, ships, water towers, old hospitals, historic buildings, prisons, parks, etc. Think out-of-the-box! 

5. When?

Check if other events are being organised in the same area and on which dates. If several events are being organised around the same time, people will be receiving a lot of invitations. Decide the date with care! Don’t forget to take into account the time needed to organise the event, which is sometimes underestimated!


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BLOG | Use the 5

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