BLOG | The 5 W's in Social Media

We can no longer imagine life without being digitally connected. In a world of information and communication overload, it is vitally important to use social media in the right way as an entrepreneur or company. Here are my 5 Ws of social media to increase (and improve) your online visibility.

1. WHY?

It all starts with 'Why?'. Why would you start using social media?

There are different goals for using social media as a marketing strategy:

  • Do you wish to increase brand awareness?
  • Do you wish to influence the buying behaviour of existing customers/new customers?
  • Do you wish to recruit new talent?
  • Do you wish to innovate your products?
  • Do you wish to generate more sales?
  • Do you wish to profile yourself as an expert?

Once you have defined your goals, it will become clearer which social media channels you will need to achieve them and what type of content to share.

2. WHO?

Who would you like to reach? Who is your ideal client? Or as we say in marketing, "Buyer Persona”?

The Buyer Persona is fundamental to your business, because it gives you insights about:

  • Who they are
  • What they want
  • What they do
  • Their challenges
  • Their interests
  • Age, gender...

Based on these insights, you can create a concrete content plan.

3. WHAT?

What do I need to communicate?

Content is King.

Because we are already overloaded with information, content should be very focused and easily recognisable by readers so that they feel 'understood'.

I often hear people say they are not inspired or have no time to post.

However, there is so much valuable information to share. The art is making sure it is not lost in the existing ocean of content. If your post stands out, if it is original content, an inspiring story or quote, or a peek behind the scenes, people will read/watch it.

A good way to get started is setting up a content calendar. Here are just some ideas:

  • Tip of the day
  • Post a tutorial
  • Give a freebie
  • Video behind the scenes
  • Share the tools you use
  • Share a sneak peek with your followers
  • Share a book you are reading
  • Ask questions
  • Post a testimonial or success story
  • Give a special discount to your fans

Use creativity and always be authentic.


Which social media channel should you use to post which content?

My advice to you is not to share the same content via all your social media channels, because people will experience this as spam. So, choose well.

Surprise your followers each time with different content.

  • LinkedIn is a business network. Post more business-related posts like talent recruitment or management books you are reading, your challenges as an entrepreneur, ask questions, dare to ask for advice…
  • Facebook content can be more informal and entertaining. But keep it authentic. Use some emoticons to spice up your post.
  • Instagram: post professional and aesthetic pictures and don't forget to use Instagram Stories. This is a great way to share a sneak peek behind the scenes. Posts about travel, fitness, health, fashion, food... are very welcome on Instagram.
  • Twitter: use this channel to share the latest news, to position yourself as an expert and generate discussions...

My golden rule: don't spam, don't sell and don't be too commercial.

5. WHEN?

Consistency is key. Posting on a regular basis will keep you top of mind among your followers and attract new followers. A secret formula doesn't exist because algorithms change and are updated.

To get an idea of when it is best to post, take a look to your statistics and compare your different posts.

Which post did well, meaning: reach, likes, comments, interaction...

When is your Buyer Persona most likely to be online?

For example, it makes sense for a bakery to post a picture of a warm loaf of bread on a Saturday morning. For a beauty parlour, a post on a Friday evening about taking time to relax when the weekend starts, will reach its target audience.

So, check out which time works best for you and your audience.

Practice makes perfect.

Have fun!

Photographer: Carlo Verfaille 

MUA: Michèle Feyaerts

Fashion: Frizzante Leuven

Venue: NH Bloom Brussels

BLOG | The 5 W's in Social Media

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