BLOG | Hi there, be welcome here at b-iconic!

The new year 2018 starts with the birth of a new website and an 'umbrella' name for my 3 activities: b-iconic.

It is with pleasure I provide you with some more details. 

The "WHY" of b-iconic?

End of 2014, I've decided to go my own way and continue my passion as eventplanner and started my own company: b-eventic.

Organisation and coordination of corporate events, with a personal touch and human approach, that's my core business. Each event is a new project and a new challenge. It is essentiel to manage an event from A to Z with focus. Because.. One the events starts, you don't have any second chance.

Sometimes, companies don't have a marketing department or an inhouse events manager with the appropriate know-how. Or sometimes, it's an issue of time. Because the organisation of an event is mostly underestimated and demands a lot of preparation.

If you recognise this situation, well.. then you are at the right place here.

In a first phase, I will also feel and understand the company culture and values as your branding will also be integrated into the event. I will adapt myself as I'm one of your employees.

In a second phase, I will guide and coach you tailormade through the different steps of the whole event management process. We will discuss the priorities, decisions to take and deadlines to meet all with respect the budget. 

On a regular basis, we will plan meetings, so we all keep aligned. The tasks, roles, responsibilities are definied. For me, crystal clear communications, frequent face-to-face meetings, trust are the basis of a succesful event.

Besides event management, I've started an additional activity about online marketing / social media coaching: b-magnetic.

It is already since more than 10 years I'm a "social media addict": 10 years active op LinkedIn & Facebook and since 2017 a big fanatic of Instagram. I follow trainings and courses and read about it to keep updated about the latest trends and evolutions in the digital world.

SME or solopreneurs who don't have the time or just don't know how to get started on social media are very welcome. We will brainstorm about which social media channels you would like to use, about magnetic content, about how to get more online visible. If needed, the social media management and community management can be sourced out to b-magnetic.

I came up with the name of b-authentic a few years ago, with the goal 'to do something around burnout'. This mission was quite passive as it was not clear for myself how to differentiate of all the coaches in this domain. Sometimes, it needs a bit time to get more clarity.

Now I think I wanna be an example: Be vulnerable and just show that it is possible! I want to promote, motivate and inspire female entrepreneurs, to just dare to jump to realise your dreams. And that requires courage and faith in yourself. Authenticity is therefore the core of my business: ethical business, clear communications, being vulnerable, building long-term cooperation, creating win-win situations.


Let's talk and create synergies!


BLOG | Hi there, be welcome here at b-iconic!

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