BLOG | 7 TIPS to plan your business event

Starting too late with event planning is one of the most common mistakes.

Whensuddenly the idea pops up "we're going to organize an event", but without taking into account the time and effort to organizere, it will in most cases result in (additional) stress and last-minute worries.

How do you start ... to bring all those puzzle pieces together?

Time is an essential factor, which is usually underestimated, when organizing an event.

Depending on the size and complexity of your event, I would like to give you some tips.

7 PLANNING TIPS to organize your event as an SME / SME:

✔ TIP 1: Planning based on the type and complexity of your event. There are no general guidelines on how many months you need to plan in advance. It is logic that that for large (international) events (such as a congress or a fair) or for a complex production, a different planning is used. Then it is key to book the venue location 1 to 2 years in advance, as well as popular speakers and artists. Especially when the planned date falls into a peak period (for example in the month of May). For a recurring staff party for instance, 3 months is sufficient. A larger party, such as a 75-year jubilee, will require more time, let's say 6 months to 1 year in advance.

The earlier you start with the preparation, the more choice and availability of venues, the more flexibility of suppliers and mor advantageous rates.

✔ TIP 2: Put together your organization team. Who will take which role? Who is responsible for what? Who needs to finetune with whom? An organization team or a few people who act as a contact point and follow up on the further actions are indispensable. Organize meetings on a regular basis to brainstorm, to solve problems, to fine tune and to determine the next actions (with deadline). Everyone should understand about the goals & the why of the event.

The quality of the organization team determines the success of your event.

✔ TIP 3: Set up an action list / event project schedule. Organizing an event is project management. Determine clearly the goals, the deadlines and linked actions and tasks.

Until when is an option of a venue valid? When will a site event be organised? What are the necessary criteria of a venue? Which safety documents need to be completed? How many hostesses should be provided? How much building-up time does a supplier need? What are the dimensions of a truck and can it enter the location? Which insurance policies should be put in order? What are the cancellation conditions? When will the invitation be sent out? How will administration be followed up? Who is the contact person for this? Who manages the budget?

Each team member must be responsible for specific tasks and coordinate with the other team members.

Event Project Planning is a continuous process: performing tasks, following up on all kinds of do's & budget management, communication and keeping the planning up-to-date.

✔ TIP 4: Compile a motivated event team. On the day of the event you want to have professional, well-educated, motivated, organized and communicative positive people. Check which tasks are on that day, how many personnel do you need exactly? Are there specific skills required? Make a clear briefing with the necessary conditions. Who will be at the welcome desk? Who can lead a team? Who has manpower and prefer to carry heavy weight?

Put the right person in the right place.

✔ TIP 5: Work with professional suppliers. An event is actually bundling forces together. Depending on the size and complexity of your event, many stakeholders are involved: the caterer, the audio-visual partner, a hostess agency, a photographer, a decorator, a supplier of furniture, a security agency, transport companies, printing, first aid, ... Choose your suppliers carefully. Communicate and fine tune on a regular basis, call, check, go together with your suppliers onsite and discuss about all possible details. Involve your suppliers completely in the organization of your event, so you create additional ideas, a synergy. Every supplier has his / her specialization and can bring some valuable knowledge and suggestions. Pick professional suppliers with experience and know-how to contribute to your successful event.

It's all about Teamwork.

✔ TIP 6: Your bible on the day of the event: the scenario. The puzzle falls into place here. The action list is converted into a scenario. A scenario is a chronological summary, in which every detail is described what, when, who, where. From the building up to the dismantling of the event. The scenario serves as a guide and checklist in the final preparation phase. Every person involved, internally or externally, who contributes to the event, will need to have a copy. The scenario contains all details, information, contact details.

It's all about Teamwork.

✔ TIP 7: Manage the budget. An event is an investment. What do you want to achieve with your event? Which goals have you defined? And what available budget do you want to spend on your event? You can assume a budget per person or a total budget, regardless of the number of people that will participate. Know that a difference can occur if the actual number of people is significantly higher or lower. Also determine whether the budget is inclusive or exclusive of VAT. Keep a budget schedule and take into account the calculation of your budget with unforeseen costs.

Determine the budget in advance.

* * * * * * * * * *

Short summary of these 7 tips:

1. The preparation time depends on the type & complexity of your event

2. Assemble your organization team

3. Set up an action list / event project schedule

4. Compile a motivated event team

5. Work together with professional suppliers

6. Your Bible on the day of the event: the scenario

7. Manage the budget

* * * * * * * * * *

Work in a structured, well-organized way. Communication is the key. Collaborate in a constructive, positive way.

* * * * * * * * * *

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Communicate your message, LIVE & online, in a sparkling way.

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BLOG | 7 TIPS to plan your business event

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