BLOG | 7 Elements from project management linked with event management

"We are going to organize an event". Check.

How do you start?

Event management is largely project management. But not completely. Event management is a people business and requires a wide range of knowledge, expertise, experience and skills. Organizing a staff party or an exhibition participation, setting up a concert, launching a product, etc. These are different types of events, the approach of each type is somewhat different.

Project management can serve as a guideline for determining goals, milestones, and putting together a team. Organizing events requires specific knowledge & skills, flexibility and experience.

I compare an event as one big puzzle. Many parts, pieces of the puzzle, have to fit perfectly in the organization of an event, ranging from pre-event tasks to post-event follow-up, creating original concepts, planning smooth production, arranging an efficient and practical organization, and last but not least, continue to communicate clearly, ...

My heart makes a leap of joy to bring all these pieces together into one big picture. After the Business Event Management program, I decided to start my business in events & social media. Because I believe that online and live communication go hand in hand.

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An event has a deadline. 

There is only one chance to leave a lasting, unforgettable impression.

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Read below the 7 corresponding elements in project and event management:

✓ ELEMENT 1: Initiative phase.

The initiation phase is the start of the project. In this phase, an idea for a project is further examined and elaborated. The aim of this phase is to investigate whether the project is feasible. Furthermore, it is examined who could carry out the project, which party (s) should be involved in the project and whether there is sufficient support for the project (among those involved).

A project proposal is drawn up. And the budget is also estimated and approved on a financial level.

The idea of organizing an event and brainstorming around all kinds of ideas falls within this phase. With the aim of being able to formulate an answer to the questions of 'why organize this event?', 'Is it feasible?', 'Who are the possible partners in this project?',

An initial cost estimate is also made here. And a possible presentation for the client is prepared.

✓ ELEMENT 2: Determination of goals.

A goal is set for both projects and events.

There is a reason to start a project or organize an event. The 'Why' must be clearly and clearly formulated and on this basis the further pillars will be installed.

Photo by from Pexels

✓ ELEMENT 3: Planning.

A project plan is drawn up and approved. In this phase, the requirements and wishes that are set for a project result are determined as well and completely as possible.

At an event, they go deeper into the details of the event and a (retro-) planning is drawn up.

Many agreements, preconditions, requirements are determined in this phase so that it is clear to all parties where they are going.

✓ ELEMENT 4: Divide roles.

As project management roles are divided, event management also determines who will follow which task or activity. Who takes care of the communication part? Who is the contact person for speakers? Who will continuously coordinate with the technical partner?

Specific skills and knowledge are defined per role.

So put the right person in the right place.

✓ ELEMENT 5: Milestones.

In project management important milestones are agreed and determined.

There are also milestones for event management. Even though it is a sector that requires a lot of flexibility and is decided last-minute. Yet there are certain things that can not be changed from a certain moment. Because account must be taken of the other stakeholders and collaborations as well as the time of production (& any delivery and construction), for example printed matter or a design of a 3D video mapping.

Photo by from Pexels

✓ ELEMENT 6: Communication.

Communication is the key so that every party, every person involved, every person, stays tuned to each other.

Schedule a meeting on a regular basis to discuss the latest state of affairs and to take decisions. To discuss the advantages or disadvantages of a particular choice, to discuss new ideas or twists. To gain expertise and information from special services such as a prevention advisor or the fire department.

Plan these meetings in advance and find a system to exchange information or updates efficiently.

✓ ELEMENT 7: The delivery.

Both at projects and events, there is a deadline, in particular D-DAY, the day of the complete realization, completion or the event itself.

Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

* * * * * * * * * *

Short summary of these 7 elements that correspond in project & event management:

1. Initiative phase

2. Determination of goals

3. Planning

4. Divide roles

5. Milestones

6. Communication

7. The delivery

* * * * * * * * * *

Thank you very much for your time to read this blog.

Share this blog with your relations. I really appreciate! I am looking forward to meeting you soon. Let's connect!

Your message, online & offline, sparkling ✨ communicated.



BLOG | 7 Elements from project management linked with event management

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