BLOG | 5 Tips to find the right event supplier(s)

How do you find the right event suppliers & partners?

If you work as a management assistant or event planner in a company or SME / SME and occasionally put an event together, a lot of questions can come up.

There is the concept, but where do you find the right suppliers of catering? A venue? A live band? A photographer? A Master of Ceremony? An audio-visual partner? Entertainment? Hostesses? ...

In every sector there is an 'us-know-us' world. But if you do not often organize an event, it can be a real quest. Because ... there are a lot of players on the market. Who do you choose? Who is really an expert in his / her field?

Which caterer do you choose? And are those appetizers really as good as they are presented on the website?

Organizing an event involves teamwork, I compare an event as one big puzzle. Many parts, pieces of the puzzle, have to fit perfectly in the organization of an event, ranging from pre-event tasks to post-event follow-up, creating original concepts, planning a smooth production, arranging an efficient and practical organization, and last but not least, continue to communicate clearly, ...

My heart makes a leap of joy to bring all these pieces together into one big picture. After the Business Event Management graduate, I decided to start my business in events & social media. Because I believe that online and live communication go hand in hand.

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In every industry you have a 'us know us' network.

This is no different in the world of events.

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How are you going to find the right event suppliers? I like to share 5 tips with you:

✓ TIP 1: Search online.

Search online for keywords and view the results. Combine different search terms and also use synonyms. Which suppliers always come back in the list of results?

Professional suppliers who want to be found online will have the right keywords (SEO) integrated into their website and online marketing and they usually have a website.

Do these suppliers also offer their services in your region?

Check related search engines in the event sector (for Belgium & The Netherlands):






Photo by Crew on Unsplash

✓ TIP 2: Request different quotations.

Do you feel good about certain search results?

Request a quote from a number of suppliers, not only to compare prices, but also to analyze the speed of answering on your quotation request, the time span of a quotation layout, and the follow-up of your request.

Is there still a follow-up call?

Is the service professional and customer friendly?

In addition, you can put the prices next to each other, to compare.

With price differences, check in detail from where the difference comes. Does this has to do with transport costs? Does it have to do with less / more staff that has been calculated?

Ask lots of details.

✓ TIP 3: Inquire a Convention Bureau.

Are you organizing a huge event, such as a conference, in a big city?

Inquire with the Convention Bureau (abbreviated as 'CVB') which suppliers are included in their network. They help you, free of charge, in your search for the right contacts and venue for your next meeting or association conference.

You will find the Convention Bureaus worldwide, they promote their city as an ideal destination (city marketing / destination marketing).

Photo by Reuben Chew on Unsplash

✓ TIP 4: Dare to ask.

#daretoask, the hashtag to ask your question online. Who has an excellent experience with a professional caterer?

Ask the question towards your network, online and also offline.

✓ TIP 5: Go to specific network events (in the event industry).

Subscribe to newsletters and stay informed of specific trade shows, workshops, seminars and events in the event (MICE) industry.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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Short summary of these 5 tips to find your ideal professional (event) supplier






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Thank you for your time. I appreciate your feedback.

Let's connect.

Your sparkling message, online & live communicated.

With sparkling greetings,

BLOG | 5 Tips to find the right event supplier(s)

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