BLOG | 5 reasons why Friesland is the ideal MICE destination for your next team event

As event planners, we’re always on the look-out for original venues and locations to recommend to your client.

It’s important to know what’s on the market, and the possibilities that exist.

Do you know which destination I recently discovered?

I was one of the lucky people to experience the “Discover the Dark” press program, organised by the convention agency Meet in Friesland.

In wiere ûntdekking fan natuer en kultuer yn 'e provinsje Fryslân

Friesland is one of the provinces in the north of the Netherlands. I knew that they would be speaking another language there, and that they’d have their own special local customs, but beyond that, I didn’t really know what to expect.

I let myself be surprised by this wonderful trip, with the well-known Lonely Planet travel guide telling me that Friesland was named number 3 on the list of the top 10 European destinations of 2018 and top 10 to visit destination in 2020.

Copyright: Meet in Friesland

Friesland, or Fryslân (in Frisian) is the province of the eleven cities, of water, Wadden and World Heritage.

Frisian has the status of minority language and is recognized as an official national language in addition to Dutch under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.

From Belgium it is a 3 hour drive (and 1 hour from Amsterdam) to arrive in a completely different world. The vast plains, surrounded by water (and more water) and the picturesque cities, indicate that you have reached the Frisian borders.

The province of Friesland consists of the picturesque Eleven Cities and the unique Wadden Islands: Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog.

Each of these islands is easily accessible by ferry.

Did you know that the Wadden Sea is listed by UNESCO World Heritage as World Heritage since 2009?

Welcome in ‘Little Amsterdam’

A first mandatory stop is in Leeuwarden. Leeuwarden is also called "Little Amsterdam" because of the historic mansions, atmospheric canals, hundreds of monuments, fascinating museums, culture, events and the cozy shops and cafes.

Leeuwarden is the capital city of the province of Friesland. But did you know that this city has been European Capital of Culture in 2008?

Enjoy music, theatre, movies, fine art and visit the numerous museums that Leeuwarden offers.

The city of Leeuwarden is a hidden gem because ... this proud capital of Friesland is not yet flooded with tourists.

Shhhttt, don’t tell anyone..

Franeker, the Star of the Eleven Cities

Franeker is another city in Friesland, known for its tranquility, hospitality, culture, historical monuments and even fashion. And all at walking distance.

Be sure to visit the Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium, which is also a science museum, and was built by Eise Eisinga himself between 1774 and 1781. The scale model of the solar system still works accurately today. Astonishing!

Copyright: Nouchka De Maeyer

There is so much to see and experience that you would almost forget to strengthen the inner being.

In Friesland you will find an extensive culinary options, ranging from a gastronomic dinner to cozy drinks, typical Frisian specialties to beach pavilions.

Copyright: Nouchka De Maeyer

Enjoy delicious Frisian delicacies such as Frisian sugar bread, Orange cake, Frisian thumbs and nail cheese without embarrassment. No worries, below you will find some ideas of activities to burn these calories.

On land and on water

Nature and culture are central themes and you will spice them up with some original and typical Frisian activities.

How about one of these typical Frisian team activities to boost collegiality, energy and connectedness within your company:

A selection of possible team events / incentives:

1/ Activities on the land
• Hug the cow

• Driving Solex

• Fierljeppen

• Bounce

• Build a large kite together

• Sheep floating with border collies

• Bicycle tours

• Eco safari

• Ice skating

• Horse riding

• Fishing

• Beach volley

• Outdoor cooking

• Help in the vineyard

• Climb the lighthouse

• Walk on the beach and in the dunes

• Discover the Dark: stargazing

• Visit museums

• Attend a local event

• Yoga

• GPS tour

• Paintball

• Creative workshops / initiations

• Culinary tastings

• Mountain biking

Copyright: Nouchka De Maeyer

2/ Activites on the water/sea
• Sailing

• Viking expedition

• Sloop sailing

• Surfing

• Falling dry on the mudflats

• Kite surfing and surfing in all forms, the waves are a lot higher here

• Wave surfing

• Rib experience

• Rib sailing to the seals

• Wad canoeing

• Sup

Copyright: Nouchka De Maeyer

A tailor-made program is prepared with pleasure by a local agency based on your objectives.

In terms of (events / meeting) locations & accommodation, there are many options. No idea is too crazy and by the way .. The Dutch love it, with a twist. The crazier, the more inventive, the better.

5 reasons to organize your corporate event in Friesland
In summary, I would like to give you 5 reasons why you should consider Friesland for your next corporate event.

1 / Unknown makes unloved.  Friesland is an unprecedented destination for many of us. As a result, as a company you surprise your team with this unique destination and another plus: the region is not very touristy and therefore you don’t have any traffic.

2 / Be original. Organise super original and typical Frisian team activities on the beach, on land, on the water.

3 / Relax, take it easy. Friesland is a different destination at a relatively short distance, both from Belgium and from the Netherlands.

4 / No stress. Escape the hustle and bustle and relax and unwind in this "zen" region where you enjoy 100% pure nature.

5 / Hospitality at its best. Friesland is known for its hospitality. Extra pure experience with the smile.

Request your tailormade proposal or contact one of the experts.

Meet in Friesland, the convention bureau in Friesland is happy to help you with your request and puts you in touch with the right (event / MICE) partner.

Contact Yvonne Hulleman.

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BLOG | 5 reasons why Friesland is the ideal MICE destination for your next team event

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