BLOG | 5 magical ingredients for a magnificent website

I must confess, I made some noise about the launch of this website. Teasers and triggers... to make people curious. "Why did I make some noise?"

Because rebuilding a website from scratch is not done in a few hours. I worked with a team of professionals, each of them a great expert in her/his domain, for several months and I’m proud of the result ;-).

The birth of a new website is an ideal moment to make some noise ("hello! I'm born!") and to put all the team members in the spotlight. I want to thank each of them. You are all top!

Want to know what steps I took? Take a look behind the scenes and read my 5 essential tips for a magnificent website.


Let’s go back a few months to the moment when I decided to switch to a new website. My 'old' website was almost 3 years old and made in WordPress. Unfortunately, it was hacked, meaning that I could no longer change anything in the back-end. I didn't want to make a website myself because I believe: if you want a professional website, then have it made by professionals. A professional website builder is up to speed with the latest trends and evolutions in web design and SEO. Your website should be clear and suitable for viewing on every digital device (smartphone, computer, tablet…). Plus of course, virus-free and with a bit of luck, including a user-friendly dashboard enabling you to make some adjustments yourself. And guess what, I've found the perfect partner.

My website builder is Webhero, a young and very dynamic team in Leuven who offer very simple, up-to-date website templates at a correct price.

Your website is your online business card.


Many people think they can write good content. But is that true?

A professional copywriter will take time to interview you, to get to know and understand you and your company and the services/products you sell. Why did you start your own company? What are your values? How do you differentiate from your competitors? Based on this conversation, the content of your website is written in a way that is clear to the reader and incorporating keywords in the text that score high on search engines.

For my web texts, I used the services of Billycom, specialized in copywriting and SEO copywriting.

Clear texts are penned by a creative professional copywriter.


Compelling content attracts visitors, so do videos and photos. "Pictures speak louder than words."

What should a photo communicate? What atmosphere should shine from the website? Which picture matches which subject?

Organize a photo shoot, for yourself, for your team… Put your services/products in the spotlight in a professional way. Choose the right photographer: professionals often have different specializations, for example, portrait photography, product photography, food photography, event photography...

Professional photos are sharp, correctly lit, and authentic.

I enjoyed working with Carlo Verfaille, a world-class people photographer who perfectly captures the essence of his subjects in all his photographs.

Your branding expresses itself for a large part visually.


Before you start building a website, I recommend developing your logo. A logo radiates your services and values. Ask a professional graphic designer to create three proposals. Together, you choose one of these proposals to elaborate on. Once your logo is finalized, the graphic designer also designs your business cards and/or corporate identity plus the lay-out of your online/offline communications. A graphic designer will deliver all the files you need in different formats, colours and resolutions. The design of my 3 brands, b-eventic, b-authentic, b-magneticand the umbrella b-iconicbrand, were created by the graphic design agency They Call Me Dave.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.


Your services and product offerings will most likely evolve over time. For example, you may choose to focus more on one service or product. Or things can change because a certain supplier no longer exists. Your values and vision can evolve or you can move your HQ. Remember to regularly check the content of your website to make sure it still fits you and your company and that all the information is up-to-date.

Your website promotes you 24/7.


BLOG | 5 magical ingredients for a magnificent website

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