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Hard labor or fun?

As an independent entrepreneur or as a company, it is a necessity to network.

To increase your brand awareness, to expand your network, to make new contacts, to be aware of the latest trends.

Whoever is successful, is going to network, has a large network where he / she can fall back on, knows the finesse of the Art of Networking.

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Your Network is Your Net Worth.

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I would like to share 11 short tips with you:

1. Preparation: if available, view the attendance list and prepare yourself. Look for these people online (LinkedIn for example) and indicate these on the list. Bring business cards with you.

2. Determine a goal, for example: I want to get to know at least 3 new contacts.

3. Arrive on time, to acclimatize. And if there are not many people yet, you can easily connect with another early bird.

4. If you go alone, ask the host to introduce you.

5. If you go to a network meeting with an acquaintance, you can agree to introduce each other.

6. Have 'icebreakers' questions or conversation starters. Example questions to open a conversation are: 'How did you end up at this event?', 'How did you find the speaker?', 'Do you know this location?', ... Ask open questions (questions that start with 'what', 'how' , when', ...) so that the person tells a lot of information.

7. Prepare your 'elevator pitch': this is a short, verbal, powerful introduction of yourself. In this personal introduction, you tell who you are, what you do, for whom. Practice this regularly so that you don't need to think too much anymore.

8. During a conversation you show interest by having an open attitude, making eye contact, focus on the person you listen to.

9. Collect business cards, write on the card details (name event + date and details of what was told, what was promised, advice / tips, conversation topic, ..)

10. Do not drink too much alcohol so that you remain aware of what you say, keep a professional attitude.

11. Smile, be friendly and open and.. have fun!

I love to go to networking events in the MICE Industry and to network events organised by  Artemis / Markant, VOKA, Jong VOKA, Etion & Unizo. 

Please let me know which tip you learned.

Enjoy Networking!

Foto: Nathalie Samain voor Markant

Fashion: Queens Fashion Store in Leuven

BLOG | 11 Tips to Network Offline

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