BLOG | 10 Tips to promote your event through social media

"What is that link between social media and events?"

"How can I use social media to promote my event online?"

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Both events and social media are part of your communication marketing strategy.

To indicate a few terms:

Events and 'brand activation' are covered by Live Communication.

Offline Marketing is about printing, radio, billboards, press releases, flyers, brochures, ..

Online Communication is about digital communication such as websites, e-mail, chats, Messenger, Whats'App, Social Media, ..

All these forms of communication / marketing can not be seen separately, an overarching strategy has to be set up.

* * * * * * * * * *

The combination of online, offline & live communication ensures the perfect mix to let your target audience experience your brand.

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As an events manager and early adopter I feel like a fish in the water or better, like a fish in the world of likes & comments.

Reasons why social media are not yet integrated to promote an event are:

· A lack of time

· A lack of knowledge

· A lack of money

· A lack of resources

· Fear of negative feedback

· No strategy: do not know which social media channel to use

· Uncertainty who will take this role

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There are different moments at an event where social media can be integrated, namely

· Pre-event

· During an event

· After an event has taken place

Which social media channels are there to promote your event?

·      The mobile app of an event that you specifically develop for your event

·      YouTube

·      Google+

·      Facebook

·      LinkedIn

·      Instagram

·      Pinterest

·      Twitter

·      Snapchat

·      Blogs

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Where is your target audience active?

It requires some research to find out who your ideal target audience (buyer persona) is and on which social media channel he / she is active.

Some tips:

· Create value with relevant content and give.

· Relevant content is informative, entertaining, inspiring, engaging.

· Create interaction with your target audience. Build a relationship.

· Take care and pamper your community.

· Set up a content plan.

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I would like to give you tips on how to integrate social media to promote your event. Depending on the type of event (private / public), target audience .. not all tips may apply.

TIP #1 Create an event on Facebook

It seems very simple and yet I still notice that at public events such as conferences or seminars it is many times forgotten to create an event via the Facebook page.

The advantage is:

The organizer can invite interested persons. People who register can also let Facebook know whether or not they are part of the event (and this is visible in their network) and can invite friends, acquaintances and colleagues to come to this event.

The event itself can be promoted by the organizer by means of a paying advertisement.

And people who end up on your Facebook page also see through the Tab 'Events' that you are organizing this event (and possibly several).

A step further: load an image around the event in your Facebook Cover Photo (Cover Image) and edit the button to register at the event. This way you immediately have a call-to-action.

TIP #2 Post via Instagram Stories videos & pictures of "Behind the Scenes"

People are curious and like to know what's happening behind the scenes. It really works ! Everyone finds it fascinating and exciting to know how an event is set up, what is involved in an event.

Photo credit:  Callie Morgan on Unsplash

TIP #3 Share an Aftermovie of a previous event

If it is a recurring event, have a video that shows the atmosphere, possibly with a few testimonials.

Post this via different channels. A video reflects the vibe and gives confidence in the sense of 'the program looked really interesting'.

Photo credit: Donald Tong from Pexels

TIP #4 Create a specific #hashtag for your event

Creating a #, it is very simple and so easy.

This way you can follow up, centralize and continue to share all conversations around the event.

In my next blog I will give you a number of reasons why creating a # is so important.

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TIP #5 Update the Bio of each Social Media channel

The information in a Bio on your social media channel provides short and powerful information. Mention here the event already, another way to put your event in the picture very easily.

Photo credit: Tony RobbinsUnleash the Power Within - Chicago, IL Facebook Event page

TIP #6 Create event banners for all your Social Media channels

Design a specific event banner for all your social media channels.

Your graphic designer knows perfectly the dimensions of the banners for the various social media channels. Such a banner is just free promotion for your event.

Photo credit: Sprekers banner - voorbeeld van Business Fit Magazine voor de Exponential Leadership evenement

TIP #7 Design a specific visual of your speaker(s) in different formats

Design a graphic design with the profile photo of your speakers in the branding of your event in different formats and ask speakers to share them in their network as well.

Photo credit: Voorbeeld in Canva om een wedstrijd aan te kondigen

TIP #8 Organize a contest to win a free ticket for your event

In line with the guidelines of every social media channel, this is an easy way to get attention.

Organizing a contest work very easily via Instagram. For example by asking to follow your account and to ask why he / she would come to your event and to tag a friend.

TIP #9 Host a Live video

Host a Live video via one or more social media channels. This can be done for an event, with more explanation about the program. During a Live video, the audience can ask questions, giving you even more sense of what they are looking for or what their needs are. A Live video can be used as a teaser campaign.

During the event Live video can of course also be used to show the atmosphere, to do interviews with speakers, with guests, ..

Photo credit: Ingo Joseph from Pexels

TIP #10 Share a part of the presentation in advance

Sharing teaser slides in advance via social media already provides key words and messages. It also stimulates the curiosity of a potential participant.

You share this piece of presentation in exchange for an e-mail address and possibly add an 'early-bird' rate here.

Photo credit: Voorbeeld Canva - presentatie

There are many opportunities to promote your event online and yet many options are left unused.

I sincerely hope that these tips will help you a step further in integrating social media into the promotion of your event.

* * * * * * * * * *

Short summary of the 10 tips to integrate social media to promote your event:

TIP #1: Create an event on Facebook 

TIP #2: Post via Instagram Stories videos & pictures of "Behind the Scenes"

TIP #3: Share an Aftermovie of a previous event

TIP #4: Create a specific #hashtag for your event 

TIP #5: Update the Bio of each Social Media channel 

TIP #6: Create event banners for all your Social Media channels 

TIP #7: Design a specific visual of your speaker(s) in different formats 

TIP #8: Organize a contest to win a free ticket for your event 

TIP #9: Host a Live Video 

TIP #10: Share a part of the presentation in advance

* * * * * * * * * *

Thank you for your time! I look forward to your feedback with pleasure.

Your message, online & offline, sparkling ✨ communicate.

With sparkling greetings,

BLOG | 10 Tips to promote your event through social media

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