Hi, I am Geraldine Huybrechts. With a heart for entrepreneurship, a very extensive network, years of expertise in the event sector and a digital nose for everything that has to do with social media, I drew up the main lines for my own business. b-iconic works for enthusiastic and highly sensitive (solo) entrepreneurs, coaches and freelancers who want to put their mission in the world.

The foundation starts with authentic personal branding. What do you stand for? Who are you? What do you want to radiate?

From your 'why', you can profile yourself clearly to communicate your mission from here, online, offline & live.

My mission helps you with this: authentic entrepreneurship (b-authentic), pure online communication (b-magnetic) together with original events (b-eventic).

3 solid pillars that bring you and your business to life, from the inside out and in width and depth.



I am not the largest marketing agency and that is a conscious choice so that I fully commit myself to you and your project and guarantee a personal service with 100% attention for you. I work straight from the heart with a positive energy, I am your personal cheerleader who likes to challenge you from the sidelines with a pinch of intuition and a good dose of empowerment so that you dare to shine too!



With my hand on the heart, I promise not only personal, but also the best service. I am surrounded by a creative collective of freelancers who are all called the best in their field.

Graphic designers, (personal branding) photographers, copywriters, digital marketers? At the right time we mix our talents to "burn" your company in every detail.


Since this year, the weekly online talk show "Geri's Talk Show" was born. Every week, a new guest is invited to talk about entrepreneurship, marketing, mindset, personal development.

Oh yeah, "Geri" is my nickname ;-)

Tune in every Monday evening at 8.30pm CET via Instagram Live on the account of @geraldinehuybrechts.


Geraldine is also referred to as a "micro-influencer". With more than 7.000 connections on LinkedIn and + 7.000 followers on Instagram, she reaches a lot of (young) entrepreneurs. She occasionally collaborates for influencer campaigns. She is regularly asked as a guest during online events, for podcasts, interviews, etc. See below some collaborations with brands and business.

Would you like to work together? Sand an email


As mentor and motivational keynote speaker, 1-on-1 coaching sessions are possible for solopreneurs and SME. To launch your business or put your business on the rails.

On a regular basis, workshops, seminars, trainings are organised. Check out the Agenda.


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