Shine online through personal branding 

Personal Branding.

Yes, it is trending.

How can you make a difference? How can you position yourself differently of your competitor?

How can you launch your mission with impact?

I'd love to guide with results so you have clarity and so you can share your message with the world, with self-confidence, from your heart.


What's included:

  • You will receive a questionnaire in advance before we schedule our interview.
  • What else is covered:
    • Optimize your social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook)
    • Social media training for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook
    • Online networking: how to expand your contacts on LinkedIn
    • Build authentic expert status via LinkedIn
    • Content brainstorming: what can you post through which channel and how to create compelling content tailored to your target audience?
    • Mindset coaching on online visibility, dare to step out of your comfort zone
    • Time management: how can you schedule social media in your busy schedule?
    • Personal branding: find your authentic voice and radiate who you are
  • There are 2 formulas available: with and without online support
  • During the journey, you get extra visibility through influencer Geraldine



Create a digital magnetic field around you and your company. And so attract more customers and especially .. the right customers and projects, resulting in more sales and more sales.

For whom?

  • You are motivated, ambitious
  • You are a (female) entrepreneur, CEO, manager, ready to kick ass
  • You are conscious, maybe a bit shy and ready to step out of your comfort zone because you feel the time is ripe to get your message out there
  • You don't have time to follow a long course or training
  • You invest in yourself and in your business
  • You feel you have a mission you would like to launch with impact
  • You need clarity and guidance (in strategy, content, ..)

Geraldine means a lady with tons of experience, know-how and some magic

Via a 1-1 coaching, you will experience energy and motivation. Yes, Geraldine is your personal cheerleader. Together we will brainstorm and deep-dive into who you are, your values, we will define your uniqueness and talents.

You will get clarity, hands-on assignments to work on and inspiration to position yourself in a clear way.

With an extensive network, +20 years of experience in the business world and personal development, Geraldine will share everything with you, so you can kickstart. Together, we will celebrate YOUR growth! 

Ready to boom?



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