E-BOOK: Leven na een burn-out

From burnout to starting your own business, life lessons and 5 tips on self-care. There is life after burnout. The point is to do introspection and to deal with situations with a positive mindset.

The launch of the e-book will take place on Wednesday, 12th February 2020 at YUST Housing in Antwerp 

More information will follow soon.

At this moment, the e-book could only be downloaded with a code (for free). This code will be spread during the next inspirational keynotes:

On 16.01 Freelancer Focus event at Office Arena in Ghent

on 07.02 Freelancers Belgium Day event at ING in Brussels

After completing your contact details, you can download the e-book.

Have a nice read!

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E-BOOK: Leven na een burn-out

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