08.05.2019 | Unizo Limburg presentation (closed event)

How can you increase your presence and findability on social media? What exactly is the world of LinkedIn like? How do you use social media efficiently?

Social media is a fully-fledged part of the communication strategy and is considered to be a necessary evil in many companies. "It is too time-consuming", "My customers are not on social media", ... These are just a few statements that are quickly taken in the mouth.

However, we can no longer ignore it. Thanks to a strong presence and findability on social networks, you will be doing business more easily.

Get leads through word of mouth and through online contacts by being active on social media?

Yes, that's possible!

During this session, Geraldine shares directly applicable and no-nonsense tips that you can get started right away.

With passion and in a very concrete, hands-on way, Geraldine Huybrechts provides the tools to professionalize your social media strategy.

Thank you for the nice presentation. The first thing I did was set up my profile a bit, because that was necessary :-)

Hello Geraldine! Your performance yesterday was great! I will start immediately to apply your tips. Thanks a lot! I will continue to follow you and will be an ambassador for you!

Really nice Geraldine, thanks again for the nice session yesterday. I already started on LinkedIn.

08.05.2019 | Unizo Limburg presentation (closed event)

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