Online Workshop: "Build up your Personal Brand in 7 steps" (2,5hr)

  • As an entrepreneur you can not really network without an online profile on LinkedIn.
    Unfortunately, mistakes are still regularly made on LinkedIn. Either LinkedIn is not used correctly or the functionalities are underestimated or not used at all.

    So a missed opportunity.
    Did you know that you can build your personal brand on LinkedIn?
    Did you know that even with a free profile you already have many possibilities to expand your network?
    Did you know that you can position yourself as an expert on LinkedIn?
    Did you know that Google puts your LinkedIn profile at the top when your name is googled?
    Did you know that you can easily add contacts? Contacts that are your potential customers or suppliers or maybe people you can ever work with?
    Do you recognize this?

    You know it is important to create a profile, but how do you get started?

    You don't know how to profile yourself clearly and clearly. You don't feel like or have time to take a course.

    You feel shame because you don't really know what you can do on LinkedIn.

    You want more customers, projects, turnover, ... but you don't know how to obtain leads via LinkedIn.

    You think 'again an extra social media channel' and you don't feel like delving into a new platform.

    You are jealous of people who are always mentioned by others and get a lot of advertising for free.

    Do you want also:

    to be invited as a speaker?
  • to clearly position yourself from your competitors?
  • to be one step ahead of your competitors?
  • to be contacted by the press?
  • to be seen as an expert in your industry?

Then this webinar is for you.

What can you expect after this online workshop:

  • how to write an attractive blog
  • how your article on LinkedIn can be the centre of your lead generation
  • how you build up your authentic authority

This is an Advanced Online Workshop.

RATE: EUR 225.00 (incl VAT)

At this moment, this webinar is in Dutch. Keep you posted.

Send a message if you would be interested to follow this webinar in English.

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Online Workshop:

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